If you’ve not seen this movie, I suggest you do so immediately… I laughed my ass off the whole time and if you’re familiar with a lot of the early blaxsploitation movies you’ll find even more humor throughout the movie. Now you can get some merchandise from the movie, not to mention a David Choe original which is featured here. Check it out and be sure to check the rest of the gear on their site.

A big thanks to Mike from the Black Dynamite crew for hooking me up with one of these tees to review. The shirt is printed on American Apparel and is everything you would expect from an AA. The print is nice and soft and looks great, it always receives compliments and glances. Like I said, if you’ve not seen the movie be sure to check it out ASAP and support the movie by purchasing some of their gear.

• Purchase This Shirt: David Choe Ltd Edition Black Dynamite T-shirt
• Brand/Company: Black Dynamite
• Size: Small – 2xl
• Color: Black or Grey (they grey is almost a tannish)
• Make: 100% cotton
• Shirt Brand: American Apparel
• Shirt Style: Fitted
• Printing Method: Silk Screen
• Print Hand: Soft
• Print Location: Front chest
• Category: Designer/Movie
• Sex: Unisex
• Price: $30.00
• Shipping and Handling: Varies
• Discount Code: none at this time

The list items above are what is available on the retailers site or by the info the retailer has given me based on the date of this posting. Any line item could change due to retailer updates, edits, limited runs, or any other retailer’s reason. If something is inaccurate I apologize, I cannot keep every post on the site updated and current.

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